The Glistening Moon

Amidst the darkness of the sky,
It shines so bright,
Signifying, even in darkness there is light.

In the silence of the night,
With its astonishing light
guiding us towards the right,

In the mid of the stars lying in solitude,
Teaching us to stand alone with gratitude,

Listening our cries,to our every pain
It comes every night again and again,


“FREEDOM” !! Isn’t it the thing we waited since our childhood?

For a child, Freedom is to have their desire chocolates,food,clothes and freedom to go anywhere.But as we grow older we realise the concept of freedom is much more that. 

As we are born in this beautiful world,we are given a name,caste or religion that we take for our whole life. Or I say as we are born we are prohibited to visit some specific places meant for specific religion, prohibited to love something or someone because of their background, prohibited to indulge with a specific group of people according to our money status.

In this beautiful world created by God, there is a price and rules and regulations to visit every place.(To some extent it is needed,but not the way it is). 

Won’t it be wonderful if each and every human would be seen equally, keeping beside their background, religion etc.  Why it is not normal for a rich person to have golgappas in the street or for a poor to study in a big reputed school? Why it is that money decides the place we should be in?

Have you wondered ever how you sometimes get occupied with your unwanted thoughts??Won’t the life would be easy if our thoughts would  be in our control? Sometimes we become the slave of our own thoughts which makes us do things we don’t even desire.

“Love” A beautiful word of beautiful emotion.But sometimes it goes to that extent that it takes our freedom from us and we don’t even know it. We get emotionally drained and dependent. 
Freedom  is not only about being physically free.

Real freedom comes  only  when we are emotionally and mentally free from everything,every temptation and desire.
Do tell me what do you think “freedom” is?😊


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